July 20-27 , 2005 First Annual Conference Vienna, Austria

Conference on Convex Geometry and High Dimensional Phenomena
Vienna, July 20-27, 2005

Objectives The goal of this conference is to present and discuss recent research and results in Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, Convex Geometry, Asymptotic Combinatorics, Isoperimetric Principles in Geometry and Probability, and related areas with particular emphasis on High-dimensional Phenomena.
Place TU Vienna, Austria
Information  http://dmg.tuwien.ac.at/phd/
Organizing Committee

Peter Gruber (TU Vienna)
Monika Ludwig (TU Vienna)
Vitali Milman (University of Tel Aviv)
Matthias Reitzner (TU Vienna)
Carsten Schütt (University of Kiel)