Contract No. MRTN-CT-2004-511953
November  19, 2004

Welcome to the PHD network

The Network officially started on November 1st, 2004; its duration will be 48 months.  It will take effect, only when all contractors have signed the contract; shortly before the end of this year 2004. The Network management has already been busy for several months implementing the structure and details of the organisation. Information on the network may be found on its web site at

You will find a description of the network's scientific objectives at

The structure of the network and its organisation are explained at

Scientific Coordinator: Alain Pajor

Steering Committee: Keith Ball, Jesus Bastero, Andrea Colesanti, Apostolos Giannopoulos, Peter Gruber, Hermann Koenig, Michel Ledoux, Piotr Mankiewicz, Vitali Milman, Alain Pajor, Leonid Pastur, Rolf Schneider, Miklos Simonovits

Administrative coordinator: CNRS (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique)

Other Committees, such as the Scientific Committee, will be appointed by the Steering Committee soon.

The web site of the Network is already operational. However, since it is a new site, not all the planned features are available at this time. It will be our main tool for communication: in particular, for advertising positions for pre-doc and post-doc researchers and for educational workshops and conferences. Any ideas for additional features of the web site are always welcome. You may want to look regularly at the News page at

Training and appointments of young researchers.

The Network will make every effort to include young researchers, both on the pre-doctoral and the post-doctoral level, as active participants. Therefore young researchers, especially, are invited to contribute their ideas and comments about all the activities of the Network. Young researchers are encouraged particularly to contribute to the newsletter and to the web site. Moreover, there will be opportunities to hold special sessions for young researchers at PHD conferences.

As the corner-stone of its training programme the Network offers employment opportunities for young researchers in participating institutions. The page at

advertises the pre-doc or post-doc positions offered by the network and contains the information necessary to apply.


You have been automatically included in 2 mailing lists, the phd-newsletter list and the phd-information list which is a larger mailing list for advertisements. There may be some overlap at the start of the network. In particular you will soon receive advertisements for the workshop and conferences of the network in 2005 and advertisements for pre-doc and post-doc positions. At any moment you may remove yourself from either list by visiting

and following the instructions. You are identified by the system, only by your email address. At any moment you may include yourself again by writing to the coordinator of a node. Also you may continue to recover information from the News page of the site.

Again, on behalf of the Steering Committee, you are warmly invited to participate as actively as possible in all of the Network's activities.

The Scientific Coordinator
Alain Pajor